In 2020 during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2200 balloon artists from 81 countries took part in a global campaign to spread love, joy and hope through their art. Whether it was in front yards, public spaces, windows or balconies, thousands of international balloon professionals joined forces to be a source of light in a very dark world.

This campaign of kindness known as “One Million Bubbles” continues on April 24th & 25th, 2021, and you’re invited to join us as we continue to spread the message of concern and care to the world.

Nothing brings smiles to people’s faces like balloons do, and the professional balloon decorating and entertainment industry wants to help people find their smiles and joy during this challenging and frightening time we have entered.

How To Participate

Balloon artists are encouraged to create a design, installation, sculpture or display intended to bring joy to their family, friends and neighbors. It should center around a positive message of hope and happiness as we continue to face the realities of our new “COVID Culture.” There is no expectation of skill level, magnitude or quantity, but rather your intent to create a positive experience for those who might come upon your piece and walk away feeling a little bit better about the times we are living in.

If you are unable to create a piece outdoors for your community to enjoy, you’re invited to broadcast from inside your home using social media platforms. You are encouraged to provide video entertainment for viewers as you build a creation of your own, or perhaps teach a simple design to those who’d wish to learn for fun and answer questions for them as you go.

Fellow Artists, Please Observe the Following Standards:

  1. Balloon releases are NOT an acceptible expression of the One Million Bubbles Project.
  2. Do not solicit money as part of this effort. This is not a project that allows it’s participants or efforts to be “sponsored”, and monetization of your work is not allowed.
  3. As a responsible balloon professional, you are to assume any and all responsibility for the condition of your balloons if placed outdoors, which includes responsible disposal after the project has ended.
  4. Please avoid political positions or topics as part of your One Million Bubbles effort. The project is intended to make people happy in general, not to potentially alienate someone from enjoying your work because of your particular stance on a subject.

Tag your creations on social media with: #OneMillionBubbles 

Spread The Word

Tell your balloon friends and post about this joy-spreading event on social so we can raise awareness and recruit more designers. 

One Million Bubbles Displays And Designers