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One Million Bubbles Press Kit

This page provides press resources for One Million Bubbles events.

  • If you are a press member please review the information here and ask any questions via the Press Contact form on this page. Steven and Jeff are available for interviews, quotes, and backstory.
  • If you are a Balloon Designer please use this information to submit to local press agencies and on social media.

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One Million Bubbles Press Kit – April 24 & 25, 2021

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Press Release

In 2020 during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2200 balloon artists from 81 countries took part in a global campaign to spread love, joy and hope through their art. Whether it was in front yards, public spaces, windows or balconies, thousands of international balloon professionals joined forces to be a source of light in a very dark world.

This “campaign of kindness” known as “One Million Bubbles” continues on April 24th & 25th, 2021.

The project was founded by professional balloon artist Steven Jones of Balloon Designers in Seattle, Washington. He was inspired to create the project in March 2020 after viewing customers at a grocery store who, out of fear and angst, were abusing and mistreating employees there. He then created a mural made of balloons that went up in front of his business with a simple message: “Be Safe, Be Kind.”

The message spread throughout his community, and soon other local businesses and schools were sharing that same sentiment on digital signs and in their store windows. It was then that Steven realized other balloon professionals, many of them under mandated lockdowns, could help their towns and communities in much the same way.

“With all the fear and uncertainty going on in the world right now, I felt like we had to do something,” Jones said. “Balloons make people happy in ways nothing else does, and if working balloon professionals cannot make people smile right now, who really can?”

Three different projects were held in 2020, and thousands of artists from around the world took part, creating marvelous works of art to make their neighbors and friends, if even for a moment, smile. The hashtag #onemillionbubbles was even trending on Instagram on Easter weekend 2020.

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Live Social View

Instagram: #OneMillionBubbles

Facebook: #OneMillionBubbles

Twitter: #OneMillionBubbles

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Point of Contact: Use the contact form

Phone Number: Use the contact form

Contact Email: Use the contact form


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Press-Use Images

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One Million Bubbles of Love Display Map

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Press Contact Form

This form is for writers, reporters, editors, and other members of the press to get in contact with the event founder and organizer.